Iphone clocks don’t work on some devices, Apple confessess


If you’re an iPhone user and didn’t wake up in the morning – you’re not alone: Apple says that following user reports, a bug has been identified in the alarm clock that causes it to remain in “silent” mode. The company said they are working to fix the bug.

The news broke a few days ago, when reports spread on social media about people being late to work because their alarm clock alert did not sound. NBC aired some of the complaints sent to Apple, which for its part stated that a bug has indeed been identified in some devices and they are working to fix it.

iPhone alarm won’t work? Here is what you can do

It is still unclear how widespread the problem is, but in the meantime, there are a few steps you can take: First, it is advisable not to rely on Apple’s alarm clock for now. In addition, make sure under Settings that the ringer volume for calls and alerts is turned on.

In some cases the alarm clock silences due to the “Attention Aware” feature: when this is enabled, looking at the device weakens the ringing of alerts. To disable this, go to Settings > Face ID and turn off the feature. Additionally, make sure the selected alert sound is indeed an audible sound, and that the “None” option was not mistakenly selected. It’s also advisable to do a “field test” and try activating the alarm clock a few times and check that it is actually working, just before leaving it on guard to wake you up for a new day.

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