Inside the bizarre ‘Space Elevator’


Exploring the unusual idea of a ‘Space Elevator‘ for cosmic journeys. A futuristic way of space travel that ditches traditional rockets in favor of a massive cable system stretching from Earth into space.

30-year-old architect Jordan William Hughes and this year’s winner of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation’s €10,000 award for space-based architecture, is the mind behind this audacious concept known as a ‘space elevator.’

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Hughes envisions a groundbreaking transportation system where cables connect our planet to an orbiting satellite, rendering conventional rockets obsolete.

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Though his current designs may seem far-fetched, Hughes is optimistic that space elevators will become a common and luxurious means of travel in the future.

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So, what exactly is a space elevator? Initially introduced in the realm of science fiction by Russian rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895, the concept has been featured in popular franchises like Star Tre.

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It is a colossal lift consisting of an incredibly long cable tethered to a counterweight in outer space. The goal? To shuttle humans and cargo beyond Earth’s atmosphere with unprecedented ease.

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Images credit Jordan William Hughes

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