‘I’m sure you survived’: Maayan Adam’s last message to her sister


The sisterhood bond between Maayan Adam and her late sister, Mapal, has come to an end, but the pain will never fade away.

Mapal was one of the victims who lost their lives in the horrific massacre that took place at a party in Re’im on October 7. Adam took to her Instagram account to share a tribute to her murdered sister, asking her followers to share what they would like to know about Mapal.

‘What would you say?’

Among the many questions received from her followers was one that asked: “If you could say one last thing to her, what would you want to say?”

This prompted Maayan to share the last conversation she had with Mapal during those hours of terror they faced together.

“Let the forces come please!!!!” Mapal wrote, to which Maayan responded: “They are on their way to you. Peli, two brigades are on their way to you. Hold on! I spoke to the army.”

Sadly, Maayan did not receive a response from her sister.

After about 15 minutes passed without hearing back from Mapal, Maayan sent her a message, desperately hoping for a positive outcome. However, her hopes were shattered when she wrote: “Waiting to hear from you my love!! I’m sure you survived! Because you are smart and resourceful! I can’t wait to give you a hug.”


In a touching tribute post dedicated to Mapal, Maayan expressed her deep love for her sister:

“Mini me, from a young age, we could see that you had the heart of an angel: compassionate, kind, and incredibly empathetic. The pain of a stranger would bring you to tears as if it were your own personal tragedy. Even at the movies, you would cry so much that we debated whether we should watch films with you.

“For several days, we prayed and hoped for a miracle, but your big heart made it impossible for the bullet to miss. Rest in peace, angel girl, and know that our resemblance continues. I too have a hole in my heart in the shape of you. I love you, and I will always take care of you, my little sister.”

Mapal’s tragic murder not only gripped the attention of the Israeli media but also garnered shock and coverage from international media outlets.

The Times of India and various other Indian and Australian media reported on her untimely demise.

The Jerusalem Post and OneFamily are working together to help support the victims of the Hamas massacre and the soldiers of Israel who have been drafted to ensure that it never happens again.

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