Iconic Soup Football Sponsorships : Chunky FuelUp Tournament

Campbell’s Chunky, the ‘Official Soup Sponsor of the NFL,’ is taking “soup and football fans into the metaverse by launching the Chunky FuelUp Tournament, an immersive experience with Fortnite Creative.”

Chunky is showcasing native Fortnite gameplay in its football-themed metaverse, just in time for the NFL playoffs. . The Chunky FuelUp Tournament features three unique games to test players speed, agility, and accuracy including Spicy Soup Sprint, Protein Power Course, and Hearty Hail Mary.

Fortnite Creative’s 12-digit island code can be used to launch the Chunky FuelUp Tournament. Following access to the Chunky Plaza, players can explore the tailgate area and VIP section of the aptly named ‘Chunky Bowl’ Stadium.

Players need to be aged 18+ to be eligible to compete for prizes, including signed NFL merchandise, tickets to 2023 NFL games, and the ultimate glory of being crowned the Chunky MVP.

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