Hydrogen-Powered eBikes : alpha neo ebike

The Alpha Neo ebike by Pragma Mobility is an eco-friendly transportation solution, even when compared to its nearest competitors. It is a hydrogen-powered electric pedal assist bike that operates without a conventional battery. Instead, it utilizes a fuel cell and a hydrogen tank to power the motor. The Alpha Neo boasts a quick refueling time of approximately 2 minutes and offers an impressive range of up to 150 km from its estimated 1,200Wh power supply. It is equipped with a back wheel TDCM motor with a power output of 250W and a rotating torque of 36Nm. The bike’s weight is 30 kg, and it features an aluminum frame suitable for riders between 1.60m to 1.90m in height. The integrated gearbox has 5 speeds, and the assistance is proportional to pedal effort, detected by a torque sensor.

The Alpha Neo is positioned as a premium product with a retail price of €5,690, excluding tax. To make ownership more accessible, Pragma Mobility offers a long-term rental scheme, which requires an initial payment of €1,700, followed by monthly payments of €79. As for availability, production began in June 2023 with a limited run of 200 units, and an additional 800 units are expected by the end of the year. This pricing strategy and production plan reflect Pragma Mobility’s commitment to providing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

Image Credit: Pragma Mobility

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