How To Pronounce Brendan Fraser Name


I’m sure the conversation was great and all, but one thing that had me particularly shocked was the way that Brendan Fraser explained how to pronounce his name.

Here’s what happened. So everyone and their mothers have been pronouncing his name as Brendan FRAY-ZSUR. Like the show Frasier.

Well, we’re all wrong. In the sit-down segment, Adam was talking to the camera and said, “When I first met Brendon Fraser…”

Then, he stopped himself and said, “That’s your full name, right? Brendan Fraser?”

“It’s Fraser,” Brendan said, saying it’s supposed to be like razor. “Like that thing you shave with.”

Later in the interview, Adam mispronounced it again and Brendan made a razor gesture to remind him.

Eventually, Brendan said, “Ok. Fuck it. No one’s ever gotten my name right.”

Today I learned it’s pronounced “Brendan Fraser” (as in blazer, laser, taser). And I just think that if we’re all rooting for him and lovin’the guy– as we SHOULD– we should also start saying his name right.

Twitter: @CoolStevenn / Via Variety

One fan found this gem. Looks like this has been a peeve of his for a while!

Comedy Central / Via @TheBrenaissance

WELL. At least we all know how to pronounce it properly now! You can watch the full interview with Adam and Brendan here.

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