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Honda believes the future of clean transportation is already here and has been transformed with the Motocompacto.

Built on our tradition of enhancing customers’ lifestyles, the Honda Motocompacto is created for convenience, brings the next generation joy, and removes limits for its riders. It allows you to go anywhere, anytime.

Experience sophisticated portability and functional design that adapts to every version of you, wherever you’re headed. The Motocompacto establishes its category, offering personal mobility designed like a dream.

Honda Motocompacto (2)Honda

It effortlessly fits into compact spaces, suits dynamic commutes, and complements individual styles.

Honda Motocompacto (1)Honda

The carefully crafted design ensures ultra-conservience and unique versatility. Its pedal-less body folds neatly into a durable, compact shape that fits into your storage spaces. The compact size and easy stowing make it a perfect match for almost any environment.

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