Holon playground waits for Israel’s kidnapped children


A new playground has been established in Holon in honor of the 38 children being held by Hamas, the Holon municipality spokesperson announced in a press release earlier this month.

In anticipation of the return of the 38 kidnapped kids, aged newborn to 18 years old, the Holon Municipality established a playground in the area of the Mediatheque Plaza where—rather than green grass and brightly colored equipment—everything, from the turf to the slide to the public tricycle, have been painted black.

One feature of the new installation was not painted black, however.

Scattered across the turf are 38 brightly colored buckets, one for each of the kidnapped kids. The expectation, the municipality spokesperson wrote, is that the children, when they return, will come and play with them.

A dedicated bucket for each kidnapped child

Each bucket is dedicated to a different kidnapped child, each bearing the name of the boy or girl to whom it was dedicated.

The new playground in front of Holon’s Mediatheque dedicated to the child hostages in Gaza. (credit: HOLON MUNICIPALITY)

Behind the new playground installation, along the wall of the Mediatheque building, the municipality has hung posters of each of the captive young Israelis.

“We’re waiting for the return of all the abductees!” the spokesperson stated.


The Mediatheque playground installation was set up by the Holon Municipality Culture and Arts Department.

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