High-Quality Mushroom Supplements : Mushroom Supplements

Feral Fungi is a family-owned company that specializes in high-quality mushroom supplements and extracts. Founded by Jason Scott, who has a background in Medicinal Mushrooms and Hermetic Alchemy research, Feral Fungi originally garnered attention on the market with its effective mushroom spagyric tinctures. As a brand, Feral Fungi emphasizes transparency, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.

The company collaborates closely with dedicated local farmers and wild harvesters to source the finest US-grown organic or wild-harvested fungi. It also uses a three-part extraction process inspired by alchemical laboratory tradition to make its mushroom supplements.

A good example of Feral Fungi’s mushroom supplements is the Albino Cordyceps. This formula is said to boost energy levels, blood circulation, and oxygenation of cells. The Albino Cordyceps also supports kidney and adrenal health, promotes healthy sugar metabolism, assists the immune system, and encourages a healthy inflammation response.

Image Credit: Feral Fungi

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