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Norcross Furniture Company, renowned for its craft furniture, recently unveiled four bespoke luxury collections designed for hotels and resorts globally. These collections, named The Albert, Anne, William, and Kay, offer a range of seating, casegoods, and headboards. Each set is customizable in color, upholstery, and metal details, allowing for a unique blend with various design aesthetics.

The Albert Collection is a tribute to Carson Norcross’s familial lineage, named after his grandfather, father, and son, all sharing the middle name Albert. This collection features a walnut veneer finish, embodying a masculine, woodsy style while maintaining a sophisticated flair.

The Anne Collection honors Norcross’s mother, Rena Anne Ritch Norcross. It is inspired by Mid-Century design and skillfully balances femininity with masculinity. This collection is notable for its fusion of soft, feminine curves with sharp, angular edges.

The Kay Collection, named after Norcross’s wife, Natalie Kay Addis Norcross, and mother-in-law, Sheila Kay Addis, also draws inspiration from Mid-Century design. This collection is characterized by its sophisticated, feminine curves and its simplicity, which enhances its versatility.

The William Collection is a homage to Norcross’s late father-in-law, Gerald William Addis, and son, Huntington William Norcross. It stands out for its sleek, masculine design, featuring bold colors and intricate carved details that emphasize its elegance.

Each collection by Norcross Furniture Company is a blend of personal heritage and design excellence, offering versatile and custom luxury options for high-end hospitality interiors.

Image Credit: Norcross Furniture

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