Heart-Shaped Candy Kits : Heart-Shaped Gummy Lunchables

Give your loved one a sweet treat and a dose of nostalgia this Valentine’s Day with the new Heart-Shaped Gummy Lunchables.

Available just in time for Valentine’s Day 2023, the new Heart-Shaped Gummy Lunchables are a sweet twist on a classic childhood snack. Launched in partnership with Frankford Candy, Lunchables has created candy versions of its iconic snack kits. Sold in heart-shaped boxes, the new candy kits come in two varieties: Gummy Lunchables Cracker Stackers and Gummy Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza Kits. The former includes fruit-flavored gummy cheese, crackers, and meat slices, while the Gummy Pepperoni Pizza Kits feature fruit-flavored gummy pizza crust, gummy cheese, gummy pepperoni slices, and candy pizza sauce.

Both of the new Heart-Shaped Gummy Lunchables are available now from select retailers and online from Amazon.com and frankfordcandy.com.

Image Credit: Lunchables

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