Has Nathaniel Buzolic found love in Israel?


Since the events of Black Saturday, Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic has dedicated himself to countering the spread of fake news targeting Israel worldwide. In his pursuit of this mission, Buzolic arrived in Israel during the ongoing conflict to witness the situation firsthand.

Despite his tightly packed schedule, it appears that Buzolic has also found time for personal pursuits.

Reportedly, he recently went on a date with none other than social media sensation Lia Nega.

Buzolic and Nega were seen kissing

As journalist Eran Suissa reported that the pair was spotted at Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square, and eyewitnesses described them as deeply connected, engaging in public displays of affection, including kissing and close embraces.

Notably, Nega was previously in a relationship with reality star Tom Chaimov for eight months. Buzolic, on the other hand, has a history with one of Israel’s own influencers, Eden Ben Zaken, with whom he had visited the Holy Land in the past.

Following their breakup, Ben Zaken mentioned in an interview with Israel Entertainment that she experienced jealousy from Buzolic, who asked her to remove swimsuit photos from her social media and expressed discomfort with her being photographed alongside other men, despite it being part of her professional work.

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