HAM joins international ‘Hydrogen Hub at Airports’ network


Karine Guenan, Head of ZEROe Ecosystem at Airbus; Christian Kunsch, Managing Director, Hamburg Airport; Nicole Dreyer-Langlet, responsible for research and technology within the executive board of Airbus Germany; and Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO, Hamburg Airport. Photo: Oliver Sorg

Hamburg Airport is the first in Germany to join the international network for future hydrogen hubs. The goal of the global ‘Hydrogen Hub at Airports’ network is for the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, airports, airlines and companies from the energy sector to work together, researching and establishing reliable infrastructure for the use of hydrogen in aviation. Other partners invited by Airbus to join the cooperative effort include airports in France, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand.

“We are thrilled that Hamburg Airport is working together on equal terms with such international hubs as Paris Charles de Gaulle and Changi Airport in Singapore as we make these decisive preparations for an energy transition in air travel,” said Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO, Hamburg Airport. “I am very proud of that fact, and also of the pioneering work of our staff, who have been pouring their hearts into laying the foundations for this work over many years.”

Hamburg Airport and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) recently presented a roadmap outlining the future steps necessary to fuel aircraft that are free of CO2 emissions. The findings of that joint research also serve as a template for other airports that want to prepare for hydrogen as a new source of energy.

“We are delighted by the continuous growth of the Hydrogen Hub Network, in Europe and further afield,” said Nicole Dreyer-Langlet, responsible for research and technology within the Executive Board of Airbus Germany. “Hamburg Airport already has a lot of experience with hydrogen infrastructure and is a pioneer in this area. Handling aircraft with hydrogen power will become as commonplace as refuelling them with kerosene is today. We are doing our bit to make this happen, but we depend on seamless cooperation with the airport specialists.”

Airbus launched the ‘Hydrogen Hub at Airports’ programme in 2020 to promote research into infrastructure requirements and low-carbon airport operations throughout the entire value creation chain. The first ZEROe concept aircraft were presented by Airbus in 2020. The development of the relevant technological building blocks is now being driven forward in a global research and technology network focused on the development of hydrogen technology for future airliners.

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