Hadid family supports Hamas, receives death threats


International gossip sites are reporting that members of the Hadid family, including siblings Gigi, Bella, and Anwar, as well as their parents Mohamed and Yolanda, have been receiving direct threats on their lives through social media and personal phone numbers.

These threats come following their vocal support for the Palestinian side amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Threats on multiple plaforms

According to TMZ, each family member received threatening messages via email, cell phones, and social media platforms, containing graphic descriptions of violence. As a result, the family has had to change their phone numbers, and Mohamed Hadid, the father of the family (a Palestinian-American born in Israel), is reportedly considering contacting the FBI.

Gigi Hadad posts about “Jews”

About a week ago, Gigi broke her silence regarding the Gaza war, four days after Hamas initiated the sudden and brutal attack. In her statement, Gigi carefully avoided using the word “Israelis” and instead mentioned “Jews” throughout the lengthy text, likely due to previous accusations that her and Bella’s support for Palestinians borders on anti-Semitism and harms Jews.

Mohamed has also been actively sharing numerous posts and stories against Israel since the conflict began, including fake news and anti-Semitic content.

According to a report by “Erev Tov with Guy Pines,” singer Ben El Tavori recently published a story on his Instagram account, revealing the phone numbers of Hadid family members and writing “Enjoy.” The story was taken down after approximately 15 minutes.

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