Grocer EV Charging Stations : ReCharge Stores

Southern Californian grocery store Gelson’s is investing in convenience and sustainability by partnering with Rove Charging — a move that inspired new ReCharge Stores by Gelson’s. These retail locations are set to make Gelson’s blend of premium and on-the-go offerings available at EV charging stations across the region.

This partnership signifies a new era for Gelson’s, offering a diverse range of prepared meals and grocery essentials tailored for both EV drivers and local patrons frequenting the charging centers. ReCharge by Gelson’s locations will feature an array of grab-and-go options, including coffee services, poke bowls, sushi, salads, and more.

President and CEO John Bagan expressed enthusiasm for the venture, explaining that the initiative reflects a broader movement in the retail landscape, especially as electric vehicles become more common and as the demand for sustainable energy surges.

Image Credit: Rove Charging

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