Gluten-Free Iconic Cookies : Golden Sandwich Cookies

In a delightful development for gluten-free snack lovers, the OREO brand has announced the introduction of OREO Gluten-Free Golden cookies, set to hit shelves on January 3, 2024. Following the success of the OREO Golden Sandwich cookies, which ranks as the #3 offering in the OREO portfolio according to Nielsen Consumption Data, this new addition is a direct response to consumer demand for more gluten-free flavor options.

OREO Gluten-Free Golden will offer the same indulgent experience as the brand’s traditional offerings, but with a gluten-free twist. These cookies are made with delicious vanilla-flavored sandwich cookies and filled with the classic OREO creme, ensuring that gluten-free snackers no longer have to compromise on taste. Certified gluten-free, OREO Gluten-Free Golden will be a permanent addition to the brand’s portfolio, providing a delightful and inclusive option for everyone who loves the iconic OREO flavor.

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