Girl Scout Thin Mints Brownies

Golden Dough Foods recently entered into a licensing partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA to produce the hybrid Girl Scout Thin Mints Brownies.

Thin Mints is one of the most iconic Girl Scouts Cookie flavors and now you can enjoy the delicious taste of mint chocolate in the form of a moist and chewy brownie thanks to Golden Dough Foods. The collaborative new dessert takes the classic taste of Thin Mints cookies and transforms it into an entirely new dessert. The new Girl Scout Thin Mints Brownies consist of a rich, chocolatey brownie base topped with a refreshing mint frosting, all topped with a chocolate mint crumble topping.

The new Girl Scout Thin Mints Brownies will come in a s supersize format and be a Sam’s Club exclusive offering. As Wil Torres, Founder & CEO of Golden Dough Foods, explains, “We are thrilled to bring this iconic Girl Scout cookie flavor to millions of people who shop at Sam’s Club. Our expertise in crafting delicious baked goods combined with the popularity of Girl Scout cookies will surely be a winning combination.”

Image Credit: Golden Dough Foods

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