Getting on track: How to achieve your fitness and health goals this year


So we are already coming up on the next season.

You told yourself that after the holidays it would be different. This time you were going to watch what you ate and you were going to do some form of physical fitness every day. 

Somewhere along the way you got distracted, uninspired, and lazy. So here we are. 

You know you want to eat healthy foods and exercise. You know you want to look good and feel good. But how come you can’t seem to get it going? What is holding you back? 

Step one: Choose to believe

You need to believe that you can do it. You have to move past your fear of failure and doubt and propel yourself forward by taking the first steps toward a healthier you

This means understanding that you can effect real change in your life. If you do the opposite by approaching your fitness goals half-heartedly or without real commitment to succeed, then you have already failed. 

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By choosing the positive course in your approach, you have a much better chance of getting there. 

Step two: Just do it

When I was growing up, I watched Nike become a powerful athletic footwear and apparel corporation with a three-word winning slogan that landed and resonated. Most of us are familiar with the phrase “Just do it.” 

These three words empowered millions and encouraged them to identify with Nike and the notion of taking action. It is very easy to contemplate, plan, and wonder about taking that class, joining that gym, or seeing a nutritionist.

Without taking action, your good thoughts lead you nowhere and perpetuate the ongoing struggle of wanting to make healthy changes but not following through. 

Many people live in the “fitness procrastination zone.” This does not have to be you. All that is different between now and success is doing it. So now that you believe that you can do it, the next step is going out and just doing it.

Step three: Achieving consistency by doing away with all excuses and rationalizations

Okay, you decided to make some change, and you went out and you did it. For example, you signed up for a power yoga class and tried a class. Despite feeling good about it and enjoying it, you wonder if you will be able to continue with it.

You have tried many things in the past, and although you were able to keep up with it for a certain amount of time, for various reasons you stopped. Everyone has a really busy, demanding life; things come up and your fitness plan gets thrown to the side. The top excuses range from being too tired and having no time, to being unable to afford it.

But you are “too tired” because you are out of shape. Most likely you aren’t eating well and are sleeping properly. Pushing yourself to exercise even when you are tired will force you to eat more – hopefully, the right things. It will also help you to sleep better because your body won’t give you a choice. 

As for not “having enough time,” somehow you have plenty of time for everything else you deem important. Your body is the key to doing all those other things properly and to satisfaction. Prioritize your body, and you will find the time

In an average waking day of 16 hours, find 15 minutes twice a day for some form of physical exercise. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and end your day 15 minutes earlier as well. 

Time is what you make of it. Just think about how much time you are able to find to be online. 

Now for my favorite excuse: “I can’t afford it.” My answer is simply “How can you not afford it!” There are so many different ways to fit fitness into your life. They range from activities that are free, such as walking outside, to those that cost a minimal amount of money, like buying simple home equipment. You can always join a class and supplement that class with your own routine. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve your fitness goals.

Be honest: You are spending money on all kinds of other things already. They can’t all be more important than your health. If it is necessary to spend money to improve your fitness, then try to see it as an investment worth sacrificing other things for. 

BY BEING honest with yourself and your time, you can begin to prioritize your body and your health. It starts by doing it once in order to do it twice. 

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to get back on track! 

The writer is a Jerusalem-based fitness therapist/trainer who works with people of all ages.

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