Generative AI Grilling Tools : Brisk It

Brisk It has introduced Vera™, a groundbreaking generative AI for grilling that promises to redefine the cooking experience this summer. Designed to operate seamlessly with Brisk It smart grills, Vera allows users to ask questions, make requests, and inquire about generating custom recipes in real-time.

By logging into the Brisk It app, consumers can engage with Vera to receive personalized cooking recommendations without the hassle of searching through traditional recipe sources. Whether it’s preparing a specific cut of steak, smoking multiple meats simultaneously, or improvising with available ingredients, Vera responds adeptly to diverse culinary queries. Beyond recipe creation, Vera also monitors cooking conditions autonomously, adjusting temperatures and managing timers to ensure optimal results.

The Vera feature aligns with Brisk It’s mission to democratize smart grilling by offering a user-friendly solution that combines traditional cooking methods with cutting-edge AI technology.

Image Credit: Brisk It

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