Gabled Blackened Wooden Cafes : harudot

Local studio IDIN Architects designs the Harudot cafe in Thailand, which is defined by its gabled-clad blacked wood structure. It has a curved structure and breaches apart to create a ‘memorable space.’ The cafe is in the beachside town dubbed Chonburi and it is made for Nana Coffee Roasters and the owners of the location. The cafe spans three buildings which are interconnecting.

The team at IDIN Architects explains, “The building is separated into smaller masses to make it more human-scale, which established different zones such as the bar, coffee drinking zone, a lounge, a meeting room and the restrooms. The giant gable roof form of each mass is pulled apart at certain parts, allowing the tree to penetrate through a void to the sky creating a semi-outdoor space underneath. It appears as if the seed of the baobab has been planted long before and grew out through the architecture as time passes.”

Image Credit: DOF Sky/Ground

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