Functional Hydration Mixer Rebrands : Crystal Light

Crystal Light announces a significant brand refresh, introducing three new product lines—Mixology, Immunity, and Energy—accompanied by a logo update, marking the first major innovation and design change in over a decade. This revitalization underscores Crystal Light’s commitment to zero-sugar, low-calorie refreshments that don’t compromise on taste.

The Mixology line offers cocktail-inspired flavors like Watermelon Margarita, Black Mojito, and Mai Tai, catering to both cocktail enthusiasts and the sober-curious. Additionally, the Immunity and Energy lines address the growing consumer demand for functional beverages, with the Immunity line featuring Zinc and Vitamin C-enriched flavors, and the Energy line providing a caffeine boost. Jeremy Kross of Kraft Heinz highlights the initiative as a response to consumer desires for functional benefits throughout the day.

The rebranding effort introduces vibrant packaging and design elements to enhance shelf presence and appeal to health-conscious consumers. Available initially at Publix, these offerings will be distributed nationwide throughout 2024, promising an elevated beverage experience for Crystal Light consumers.

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