Former reality TV star worries Israeli Arabs will rise against Israel


In Rehovot, Daniel Greenberg‘s hometown, kindergartens have already resumed operations, but the retired reality star hesitates to send her children and chooses to keep them at home.

This week, she woke up feeling anxious, and she candidly discussed the anxiety attacks she’s been grappling with since October 7.

“Do you also sense something amiss? It feels like Biden is here for a mere spectacle, and we’re fed narratives that don’t add up. What’s the connection between all this foreign aid and the perpetrators? Why is there no tangible progress? How did we go from being highly supported to seemingly forgotten in just two weeks?”

‘Situation is driving me to the brink’

Greenberg continued, expressing her frustration: “I can’t fathom the agenda here; this situation is driving me to the brink. With each passing day, we seem to be weakening ourselves more than anyone else.”

Unwilling to wait for the aftermath of the ongoing strife, she criticized the government, saying, “Why do our citizens have to gather donations for fellow citizens and soldiers? What’s behind closed doors? I woke up with a sense of unrest.”

‘Who safeguards these vital places?’

She then voiced a concern shared by many, “I fervently hope that when the ground forces operate there will be sufficient strength to protect our citizens in their homes. If Israeli Arabs rise against us, who will bear the consequences? We witnessed the events of 7/10; something is amiss there too. If they intend to harm us, institutions like kindergartens, schools, and synagogues will be targeted. Who safeguards these vital places?” Greenberg inquired.

“Even though Miel and Ron’s kindergartens have reopened, I won’t risk sending my children there. Who will shield our citizens from potential terrorist infiltrations?”


She ended her concerns, saying, “I’ve endured debilitating anxiety attacks for two weeks now, persisting day and night. My energy and spirits remain low; I’m gripped by fear and uncertainty, feeling like I’m losing my sanity.”

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