Football Team Laundry Products : Laundry Stain Remover

The Delphis Eco Laundry Stain Remover is being promoted through a partnership with the Forest Green Rovers football team in the UK to showcase just how capable of eco-friendly laundry product is.

The collaboration is built on the shared values of both the laundry brand and the football team, while also showcasing how capable the products are of removing even the toughest sports-related stains. The stain remover is available now at Waitrose in 350ml bottles, and boasts a bio-based formulation that is free from optical brighteners, phosphates, peroxide and phosphonate. The product is also vegan-friendly with no animal testing and biodegradable.

Head of Commercial at Forest Green Rovers Paula Brown spoke on the Delphis Eco Laundry Stain Remover collaboration saying, “Working with Delphis Eco is a win-win for us at Forest Green Rovers as, just like us, Delphis Eco places the environment at the heart of decision-making and never stops innovating. We love the laundry powder, and it was an easy decision to take on board the laundry stain remover as well. We’ve tested the product and it’s superb at removing grass, mud, and blood stains from the players’ kits, and at the same time protecting the fabric. Pardon the football pun but we believe it’s a real keeper!”

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