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Epson Robots has taken a significant step forward in robotics technology with the introduction of the GX-B Series, featuring high-power-density SCARA robots. These robots are powered by the RC700E controller, which incorporates the innovative SafeSense technology, enhancing safety in robotics operations.

The GX-B Series includes four distinct models: the GX4B, GX8B, GX10B, and GX20B. The integration of SafeSense technology and the GYROPLUS vibration reduction system exemplifies Epson Robots’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of automation, ensuring safer, faster, and more efficient industrial processes.

“[…] Built on four decades of expertise, Epson continues to deliver innovation that boosts productivity while helping to ensure workplace safety with the GX-B Series and integrated safety technology, providing customers with a powerful yet simple-to-operate robotic automation solution for today’s medical device, electronics, and consumer electronics markets,” said Scott Marsic, group product manager, Epson Robots

Image Credit: Epson

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