First-to-Market Hot Rosés : Hot Rosé

The wine industry is set for a fiery shake-up with the introduction of HEARTBEAT’s first-to-market Hot Rosé. This innovative product, launched by the new woman-owned wine company, offers a unique blend of rosé with real fermented peppers, delivering a spicy kick to the traditional wine experience. Each bottle boasts an 11.7% ABV, contains only 103 calories, and is free from added sugars or artificial flavors.

CEO and Founder Kristen Knapp, inspired by her love for spicy cocktails, identified a gap in the wine market and collaborated with renowned winemaker Gianna Fugazi to create this distinctive pepper-wine blend. “We aim to redefine the wine category, introducing a product that appeals to a broader audience, from cocktail enthusiasts to seltzer aficionados,” commented Knapp.

With its innovative approach and vibrant branding, HEARTBEAT seeks to engage the younger demographic, tapping into the growing trend of spice-infused alcoholic beverages. The product’s launch comes at a time when there’s a noticeable demand for such innovations, especially among Gen Z and Millennials, as evidenced by the viral trend of adding jalapeños to rosé on TikTok.

Available for $21.99 on, and soon in select Los Angeles retail outlets, HEARTBEAT Hot Rosé promises to be the go-to drink for those seeking a fresh twist on a classic. For more information, visit or follow @moreheartbeat on Instagram.

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