Fermented Agave Canned Cocktails : Thorntail Hard Agave

Thorntail Hard Agave is a series of canned beverages crafted with fermented Blue Weber agave sourced from organic farms in the Jalisco region of Mexico to provide consumers with an alternative to hard seltzers and cocktails.

The beverage comes in three flavors including Sea Salt Lime, Passionfruit Guava and Peach Strawberry, which each have a 5% ABV with 110 to 120-calories per serving. The drinks are perfect for casual sipping and enjoying with friends, while their real fruit flavor and all-natural sweeteners give them an edge over the competition on the market.

CEO and Founder Joel VandenBrink spoke on the Thorntail Hard Agave drink saying, “We thought about the clean health benefits of fermenting agave and saw an opportunity to create a more delicious, refreshing product that tasted crisp and could be enjoyed throughout the day without feeling the impact the next day. We created Thorntail to fit into our customers’ lives and where they want to be — with friends and family, out in nature and planning the next adventure.”

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