Feminine Graceful Jewelry : SarahBijoux

On November 17, SarahBijoux, a renowned jewelry brand, is set to release the Soie Collection, a special line inspired by the personal experiences of its founder, Sarah Simard. This collection emerges in the wake of a breast cancer diagnosis of a close friend, infusing a deep sense of purpose and emotion into each piece.

Crafted in the brand’s Montreal atelier, the Soie Collection embodies fluidity, movement, and femininity. It marks a departure from SarahBijoux’s typically minimalist style, featuring striking organic forms and textures that resonate with the brand’s ethos of personal storytelling through jewelry.

The collection, with pieces ranging from $25 to $660 CAD, will be available both online and at the SarahBijoux boutique. This launch not only represents the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and design but also underscores its dedication to capturing and expressing life’s profound moments through the art of jewelry.

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