Fat Joe & Uncle Luke Clash Over Who ‘Discovered’ Trick Daddy & Pitbull


Fat Joe and Uncle Luke recently butted heads over who ultimately had more of an impact on two Miami legends’ careers.

Who Can Take Credit For Putting On Trick Daddy & Pitbull?

The matter between the rappers unfolded after Uncle Luke took to Instagram to share a message for the “What’s Luv?” rapper. It turns out that, over the weekend, Luke caught wind of some comments Fat Joe made while appearing on Matt Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast.

During the sit-down, which aired way back in May, Joe gave himself his flowers and pointed out some of the artists he’s “put on.” He initially spoke on French Montana.

“French Montana, I put him on! I took his s**t and made sure that they played it. They wasn’t never gonna play his s**t. Six months later, he was rich.”

He then went on to make similar claims about Pitbull and Trick Daddy.

“Pitbull, I took his demo and got him signed. Trick Daddy, I took his s**t and got him signed.”

Fat Joe’s comments about Pitbull and Trick Daddy set Luke off, as he blasted him in an Instagram caption and alleged that he’s the one who “discovered” them.

“I love Joe but i find this very interesting because i discovered @trickdaddydollars he did his first song with me as soon as he got of the lock up and by he stayed with me. I also discovered signed @pitbull to the platinum selling Luke records label he did his first song’s with me.”

Fat Joe: ‘I Said What I Said!’

In response, Fat Joe hopped on social media and made some comments of his own. He started off by praising Uncle Luke as “a living legend” who “put on the whole Miami.”

However, he stood on what he said, and he clarified that he helped get both Trick Daddy and Pitbull signed.

“I said what I said…I did it for love. For culture. That’s it. I’m not trying to take credit away from Luke or the history of Miami or whatever the case may be. The truth is the truth!”

Later, the pair hopped on Instagram Live and hashed the situation out.

After sharing their sides, they agreed that “two people are right” in this situation, as they both played major parts in helping Pitbull and Trick Daddy’s careers.

Joe went on to say that he has “nothing but love and respect” for Luke, as he “put on the whole Miami and discovered everybody.” However, Fat Joe reiterated that he was merely “speaking a little bit of [his] truth.”

Luke also praised Joe, so it looks like everything’s all good between the two.

What do you think about the situation between Fat Joe and Uncle Luke?

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