Fans Speculate That Summer Walker May Be Expecting Twins


Could Summer Walker be carrying twins? That’s the question on some fans’ minds as the R&B star nears the end of her second pregnancy, and it’s for a couple of different reasons.

Erykah Badu Gets The Conversation Rolling With An Instagram Post

The speculation surrounding the pregnancy—which was announced back in June—was sparked by Erykah Badu, who served as Summer’s doula in the past.

Erykah made an upload centered on celebrating that one of her daughters, Puma, was shadowing her to become a doula. Notably, Erykah also revealed that her daughter was going to help her “assist a mommy in labor with twins.”

“Today I am training a very capable doula who is shadowing me while we assist a mommy in labor with twins.”

Summer Walker Adds Fuel To The Twins Speculation

A couple of days after Erykah’s upload, Summer made a post of her own on the app.

The photos showed the “No Love” singer basking in her pregnancy glow, as she was all smiles while proudly showing off her belly. On account of the size of her baby bump, these photos led some to believe that Summer’s expecting twins.

Additionally, the speculation picked up even more steam after Erykah herself was spotted alongside the Summer, as she had just mentioned that she was preparing to help a mother deliver twins. The plot thickens!

Twitter Users React To The Twins Speculation

After Summer Walker shared her series of uploads, social media began buzzing about the twins matter. Check out what some Twitter users had to say down below.

We wish Summer Walker a safe delivery, and we must reiterate that the twins speculation has not officially been confirmed. Additionally, she hasn’t revealed anything about her due date or other specifics regarding her pregnancy.

However—judging by Summer’s recent Instagram photos, as well as the overall pregnancy timeline—the world should soon get an answer in the near future!

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