Family-Focused Disinfectant Lines : FamilyGuard

Spring and summer signal increased play activities for kids. To ensure families can enjoy this time with ease, SC Johnson has launched FamilyGuard™ Brand – a range of disinfectants aimed at safeguarding families by sanitizing hard, non-porous surfaces most touched by family members.

Understanding play’s critical role in child development, FamilyGuard™ is introducing YES, PLAY!, an initiative emphasizing the need for clean, dedicated play spaces at home and providing parents with the tools needed to facilitate safe play. The initiative collaborates with Dr. Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAP, offering families resources and tips to encourage play.

Recent studies have shown the COVID pandemic has reshaped how kids want to play, with an increasing demand for safe play spaces and freedom for play activities. However, concerns about dirty surfaces may limit these opportunities, revealing a gap between kids’ desires for play and parental facilitation.

FamilyGuard™’s YES, PLAY! initiative aims to close this gap, promoting clean, dedicated play spaces at home. The collaboration with Dr. Altmann brings forth a unique blend of professional and personal insights, recognising the importance of play and the challenges posed by germs on frequently touched surfaces.

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