Expanded AI Denim Collections : AI Stable Diffusion

Soorty, a prominent vertically integrated denim manufacturer based in Pakistan, has introduced an innovative advancement in the fashion realm with its latest creation, HumAIn Chapter 2—a denim capsule that utilizes AI Stable Diffusion.

Expanding upon the success of its predecessor, HumAIn Chapter 2 harnesses open-source artificial intelligence technology to deliver a wider spectrum of denim washes, garment finishing techniques, and unconventional silhouettes. The venture effectively pushes the boundaries of both fashion and technology. From architecturally-inspired forms to inventive concepts, this collection sets an innovative benchmark in garment creation and design.

The HumAIn project is undertaken as a collaboration between Soorty, renowned menswear designer Volker Ketteniss, and trend influencers Amy Leverton and Shannon Reddy of Denim Dudes. The capsule is truly a testament to how contemporary labels and designers are approaching artificial intelligence in the fashion industry.

Image Credit: Soorty

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