Everyday Material Colorful Pavilions : colorful pavilions

British design studios Foster + Partners and NEON create two colorful pavilions that are formed from everyday building materials. This includes recycled scaffolding and ducting — the installations are just on the plazas by the office buildings by Brookfield Properties, placed to encourage conversation about recycling. The first of the two is the Radial pavilion with blue, red, and white flags hung up in a circular pattern.

NEON highlights bright green and yellow ducting materials to create the Squiggle pavilion in a winding structure. Brookfield Properties explains, “Designed as landmarks, the pavilions are inspired by themes of circularity, community and sustainability. Responding to the London Festival of Architecture’s overarching theme of Reimagine, they utilise everyday materials in innovative ways, encouraging reflection on material recycling, reuse, and climate change.”

Image Credit: PA Media, Aaron Hargreaves

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