EvaSpy is now available in South Africa


The most powerful app for spying on Android phones, EvaSpy is now available in South Africa

EvaSpy is an app for Android that lets you keep checks on your children’s online activity. You don’t require physical access to the targeted mobile device after installing EvaSpy; the app will record all activity and upload the results to your online account.

The Android software is set to operate in stealth mode, making it completely undetectable. Powerful parental controls help keep children safe from cyberbullying, sexual predators, and other nasty types. Find out what you can keep an eye on with EvaSpy for Android:

  • Every keystroke made in every social app or online browser;
  • All text messages, both received and sent
  • Incoming and outgoing phone calls (the software logs all calls and displays the caller’s number, name, and the time and date of the call);
  • Communication using the most well-known instant messaging apps (Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook Messenger, etc.);
  • Access to all media files stored locally;
  • Websites that were visited;
  • Online browser search terms;
  • Live surroundings (you may capture images using both cameras at any time or listen to what’s going on around the device using the microphone);
  • Additionally, the app allows you to block undesirable contacts, apps, or websites; spy on GPS positions; set alerts when your kid leaves the designated boundaries, and monitor kids in real-time using the webcam and microphone. It also provides a live feed of the device’s screen.

Why is EvaSpy the BEST Mobile Spy App?

Putting this special monitoring app on the phone will allow you to observe the issue and make real plans to fix it, relieving the stress of worrying about something you can’t control. Many people’s lives have been improved by using this program, whether they were dealing with an issue at work or a troubled child. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us or write us an email, and we’ll do anything we can to help.

Cell Phone Activities

When it comes to keeping Android devices safe, no other software compares to ours. Our team comprises the industry’s brightest developers and engineers to ensure that our software remains effective and updated. Constantly testing the limits is what we do.

We use cutting-edge software for mobile monitoring and hardware components. We work hard to make our software hassle-free in every way. EvaSpy Mobile Spy App enables parents to monitor their kids from any computer, tablet, or even their mobile device with an internet connection.

Record Actions from Any Device

When you install the EvaSpy Mobile App on your phone, you’ll have access to tracking software that may help you avoid cybercrime and cyberbullying and find your friends and family. Although it has many sophisticated functions, the EvaSpy Mobile App is surprisingly user-friendly. To put it simply, there is no better software like this available.

Includes real-time picture, location, SMS-driven capture capability, and surveillance of all popular messaging platforms, including SMS, MMS, Viber, Facebook, Line, and more. After installing the app on the target phone, you may access the recorded data from any computer with access to the Internet and obtain information about the specific phone use, including their call history, text messages, and GPS positions. While you can use these tools to keep an eye on your kids or workers, they may also help keep them safe while you’re not around.

The Benefits of EvaSpy

Monitoring user behavior on mobile devices has never been simpler than it is with the EvaSpy program, which is intuitive and straightforward. It has over 50 strong capabilities while taking up 230 kilobytes of space and being completely transparent to the user.

  • The program operates in an invisible background mode to avoid the user’s attention. You won’t see the app’s icon.
  • The installation of EvaSpy takes a few minutes. No root is needed.
  • The recorded information is accessible with any web-enabled device or computer.
  • EvaSpy is compatible with almost every Android smartphone.

Recent News on EvaSpy

In our post above, we learned that EvaSpy is a powerful tool available on the market to protect your loved ones from all cyber crimes. And we cannot stress it a lot. The way technology advances are made each day; you need to be on your toes to keep up with them, as attackers will use new ways to extort, scam, and bully a targeted individual. And we believe it is complete chaos once you know the targeted individual is your loved one.

With that said, the EvaSpy team is hard at work to provide their best services. So that you can have full control over the situation even before things get worse.

EvaSpy wants to expand its reach to more countries and places; to provide you with the sense of security you desire.

With recent breakthroughs in policy-making and technological advances, EvaSpy just entered the South African market with a proposal to provide the best services in the field to the lands of Africa.


This program is designed for legal use only. By installing EvaSpy or any other kind of surveillance software on a mobile phone or other devices you do not have permission to monitor, you are breaking federal and/or state law as well as the legislation of your local area. It is required by law that you inform the device’s owner or user that their device is being monitored.


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