European Health Union four years on: acting together for people’s health



The Commission has today highlighted the progress made in EU health policy over the last four years.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic showed that EU solidarity, collaboration and decisive action are the way forward. The EU Vaccines Strategy ensured all EU citizens had equal access to vaccines, the EU Digital COVID Certificate enabled the safe re-opening of economic and social activity, and SURE helped 31 million workers overcome the economic impact of the pandemic. Through our Team Europe approach, the EU became the largest donor of vaccines and provided nearly €54 billion in emergency support to partner countries.

Built on the experience of the COVID-19 crisis, the European Health Union emerged in November 2020, with a key purpose – to put citizens and patients at the centre, protect their health and change their lives.

Key achievements:

  • Stronger health security measures, to better prepare for and respond to future crises
  • Equal and timely access to affordable medicines for all citizens thanks to the proposed reform of the EU pharmaceutical legislation
  • A world-leading Cancer Plan, backed by €4 billion in EU funding
  • Game-changing initiatives to digitalise healthcare
  • Comprehensive actions for better mental health, from promoting mental wellbeing, to improving prevention and support services
  • Rules to boost patient safety and secure the supply of medicinal products
  • A One Health approach to tackle major health risks

The European Health Union ensures that Member States are better prepared for future health crises and supports modern and innovative health policies for all citizens across the EU. It is backed by substantial funding from the EU4Health programme.

The European Health Union will continue to promote European innovation and competitiveness in the healthcare sector so that the needs of patients are fully addressed. The EU will also continue to be a strong global partner and contributor to improving the health of people around the world.

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