Ethiopia: EU allocates €1 million to help combat cholera outbreak

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The EU has allocated emergency humanitarian funding of €1 million to help Ethiopia address the cholera outbreak currently affecting the country. 

Since August 2022, when the cholera epidemic first broke out, Ethiopia has reported a cumulative total of 44,044 cases, including 571 deaths. 

In April 2024, over 600 cases were reported weekly, across 9 regions. The response to the outbreak is hampered by a combination of drought and unseasonal rainfall, which is expected to result in an increase in cases. 

The emergency funding allocated by the EU will support humanitarian partners in addressing needs related to water, hygiene, sanitation and health, both at institutional and community levels, while strengthening the coordination of the cholera response in targeted areas.   

The EU had previously allocated €1 million in emergency aid for the cholera outbreak in Ethiopia in November 2023. 

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