Esports Tournament Platform Acquisitions : challengermode stryda

Challengermode is an esports tournament platform that allows users to organize and compete in various esports games and win prizes. Stryda was a similar platform that operated under the name G-Loot until it rebranded in 2023. In January 2024, Challengermode announced that it had acquired some of the assets of Stryda, including its intellectual property and technology.

Challengermode said that this acquisition would help it consolidate the Nordic esports market and enhance its global presence. Challengermode also expressed interest in integrating some of Stryda’s features into its own platform in the future.

The acquisition of Stryda by Challengermode is a significant event for the esports industry, as it shows consolidation among esports tournament platforms, thus reducing competition in the sector. Challengermode, which has already established partnerships with various organisations and tournament organisers, will gain access to Stryda’s technology and intellectual property, which could enhance its platform and offerings.

Image Credit: Challengermode

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