Elegant Men’s Formalwear : Jack Victor

Jack Victor presents an elegant formalwear ensemble for the discerning man. A centerpiece of the brand’s latest collection is the velvet Edison dinner jacket which is meticulously tailored in a modern fit. The jacket boasts a sophisticated silhouette, offering comfort in the chest and shoulders with a slightly tapered waistline, catering to a confident and refined aesthetic. Jack Victor spotlights the Black Solid Phoenix Wool Tuxedo Trousers and a chic Summit Velvet Bowtie for a complete cohesive look. Additionally, the versatility of the Beaudry Mock Neck and Felix Turtleneck facilitates occasionwear layering, providing lightweight options that effortlessly complement both dinner jackets and suits.

Crafted from a luxurious blend of wool, silk, and cashmere, Jack Victor pieces promise a harmonious fusion of style and comfort. The use of superfine wool contributes to thermo-regulation and durability, silk adds luster, and cashmere introduces an ultra-soft touch.

Image Credit: Jack Victor

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