Elbit subsidiary awarded Swedish army digitization contract


Elbit Systems Sweden was awarded a contract worth $170 million to become an “integration partner” for the Swedish army’s digitization program. Elbit Sweden is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems in Israel. Elbit is one of Israel’s three largest defense companies. The contract will be performed over a ten year period, the company said.

“To be selected as the integration partner for the Army digitization program is a significant achievement for Elbit Systems and we are very proud of this award,” said Tobias Wennberg, General Manager of Elbit Systems Sweden. “It helps strengthen our position as a core technology partner to FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces on their digitalization journey and we are honored to be able to support this journey as a partner.”

Elbit’s Swedish subsidiary will lead the roll-out of the Swedish Armed Forces digitization program, the company said. This will include integrating, installing, maintaining and upgrading command and control systems on various platforms such as command posts, vehicles and other units.

“The work will take place at Elbit Systems Sweden’s facilities, increasing the local footprint, employing dozens of system engineers, technicians and field support engineers over the next few years, enhancing Elbit Systems’ commitment to grow and expand local know-how and capabilities of Elbit Systems Sweden,” the company said.

The decision marks a milestone, Haim Delmar, General Manager of Elbit System C4I and Cyber said. “The decision to once again select Elbit Systems validates the technological and operational advantages offered by our solutions…We are committed to growing and expanding our domestic capabilities in Sweden.”

A man holds a laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him in this illustration picture taken on May 13, 2017. (credit: KACPER PEMPEL/ILLUSTRATION PHOTO/REUTERS)

Rare post-Oct 7 news item for Israeli defense industry

Elbit in Israel makes advanced drones and numerous other systems that play a key role in the IDF. Since the Hamas attack on October 7 there have been very few announcements from Israeli defense companies. This is one of the first since the war broke out. Israeli defense companies have seen unprecedented sales in recent years amid the growing concerns in Europe and elsewhere about threats to the global order.

The Ukraine war, for instance, has led many countries to seek to upgrade their systems. Elbit, Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries have all seen numerous orders in the last two years. Israeli defense technology systems are among the most advanced in the world. 

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