Ebenezer Scrooge would defend the Grinch


Scrooge and The Grinch.

Scrooge and The Grinch.
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There comes a point when public figures are no longer defensible. Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver were scumbags way before we had evidence that they were. So when the audio of Sterling leaked, or the Baxter Holmes piece hit the internet, there was zero reason to go to bat for them. Let the investigations play out, and see how long Deshaun Watson’s suspension is.

This is where we’re at with Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform released the Dan Snyder cut, and it’s more stories about sexual misconduct and a toxic workplace environment created by the owner. The greasy henchmen in Snyder’s corner and Republicans have been critical of the panel, calling it a waste of time and taxpayer money. I agree. We didn’t need it. It’s one of like 500 things to come out asserting Snyder probably shouldn’t be in charge of a frozen banana stand let alone an NFL team.

Dallas Cowboys owner and ol’ boy Jerry Jones doesn’t feel that way though, and he’s joined the cavalcade of idiots decrying the report as biased. In his weekly radio hit with K&C Masterpiece in Dallas, he told the hosts who got the inspiration for their name from a shitty barbecue sauce as much.

“I hope our fans see how politically biased this report is,” said Jones.This report doesn’t even come out if the Republicans were in Congress. It’s that stupid.”

Hey, Jerry, this isn’t the January 6 panel, so stop defending Snyder like he’s Donald Trump.

The rambling continued.

“My point is there are biases all the way through. There are stories behind the stories.”

Yes, there are many stories. Like this, and this, or how about that, and this tidbit?

Jones then complained that the hubbub surrounding Snyder has been “a campaign to stop having [workplace] settlements.”

Not a great look for a guy working for a league that once had a $1 billion concussion settlement, but OK.

My favorite (is that the right word?) part of the saucy radio spot was Jones saying he’s “proud” of the efforts his organization has made to improve its workplace.

“We have thoroughly, for a long time, tried to improve our workplace. Do we have room for improvement all over? Of course we do. Everybody does. But I’m proud of where we are.”

The reason Jones can’t just say he’s proud of Dallas’ workplace environment is because they had a guy filming Cowboys cheerleaders in the locker room. The main reason Jones is defending Snyder so fervently — other than the ’Boys benefit from the Commanders continued average-to-embarrassing on-field product — is if NFL owners can routinely be removed for being a scumbag, he might be next.

A photo of Jones at an anti-segregation rally surfaced recently, and the public deemed the statute of limitations applied to the black-and-white evidence that he, too, is gross. To be clear, Jones isn’t going anywhere. He’s the most powerful owner of the most popular team in the league.

That said, he’s becoming as indefensible as the owner he’s defending.

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