EASA published 2024 edition of European Plan for Aviation Safety


The European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) is a pivotal component of the European Commission’s strategic vision for aviation safety. It outlines the strategic priorities for aviation safety and

environmental protection, the primary safety risks and other issues affecting the European aviation safety system, as well as the necessary measures to mitigate those. Designed as the Regional Aviation Safety Plan for EASA Member States, the EPAS reinforces safety management at regional, State and industry levels.

EPAS 2024 (Vol II)

Following the adoption of a new reference period and a three-year revision cycle for EPAS Volume I ‘Strategic Priorities’ (2023 – 2025), the 2024 EPAS edition is composed of updates of Volumes II ‘Actions’ and III ‘Safety Risk Portfolios’.

The release of the 2024 edition underscores EASA’s unwavering commitment to advancing aviation safety in Europe.

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