Dual-Floor Cocktail Bars : Sip & Guzzle

Renowned bartenders Shingo Gokan and Steve Schneider have joined forces once again, this time to unveil a groundbreaking concept in New York City: Sip & Guzzle.

After a decade in Asia, the dynamic duo brings their expertise to this innovative two-story cocktail bar, offering distinct experiences on each level. Schneider takes the reins on Guzzle, channeling the spirit of 1860s New York saloons with classic cocktails and comfort drinks like Apple Manhattans and Highballs. Meanwhile, downstairs at Sip, Gokan presides over a subterranean speakeasy paying homage to the Kanrin Maru ship, serving up shochu-based creations. This unique establishment caters to New Yorkers seeking versatility, allowing them to effortlessly transition between atmospheres and libations as they navigate the evening’s vibe. Sip & Guzzle promises an unforgettable experience for consumers craving seamless flow and legendary craftsmanship in their nightlife ventures.

Image Credit: Sip & Guzzle

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