Discarded Theater Screen Lamps : Discarded Theater Screen

Haneul Kim, a designer committed to sustainability, has teamed up with CGV, Korea’s largest movie brand, to tackle the challenge of recycling discarded movie screens from theaters. These oversized screens, often abandoned due to damage or theater closures, presented a unique opportunity to repurpose the screens for light emission instead of their original sound-transmitting function.

Kim’s Waste Screen Recycle project takes this concept further by designing portable lamps that utilize the small holes in the screens to emit light. The designer demonstrates the potential of waste movie screens to replace traditional lampshades and explore their utilization in furniture pieces like tables and chairs.

This initiative not only addresses the environmental impact of discarded screens but also showcases their functional and aesthetic qualities, envisioning a future where they become versatile.

Image Credit: Hanuel Kim, designboom, instagram

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