Did ASOS suspend promotions to Israel after October 7?


Did online shopping site ASOS deliberately halt promotions in Israel while other countries continued to enjoy discounts? Numerous social media users seem to think so.

A Twitter video shared by surfer Maya Goldin illustrates the discrepancies in discounts offered on Chinese Singles Day, a major shopping event. Goldin pointed out that while countries like Germany, France, Egypt, and Jordan received discounts ranging from 22% to 30%, Israel was left out.

In the video, Goldin demonstrates the discounts available in all countries except Israel.

Agreeing with Goldin, one customer stated, “I regularly order from ASOS, and since the start of the war, there hasn’t been a single sale. 

ASOS is known for its frequent sales and coupon codes, but suddenly, there have been none for over a month. That alone is enough to suggest they are targeting Israel, the customers said.

Another customer added, “I used to enjoy discounts and coupons every week, but since October 7, there have been none at all.”

Even on Facebook groups dedicated to international ASOS buyers, there have been claims of promotions coming to an end in Israel. One user wrote, “Since the start of the war, there have been no coupon codes in Israel (except il17),” which provides a 17% discount on shipping to Israel and is consistent. 

However, in other countries, promotions still exist.

No discounts: Here is why, according to social media users

Speculating on the reasons behind this, one user suggested, “I think it might be due to logistical difficulties. With flight disruptions and delivery delays, they might prefer not to encourage orders from the country to avoid complaints.”

A response from ASOS could not be obtained at the time of writing.

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