Despite the war, Tesla delivers new model to Israel


In spite of the ongoing war, an initial shipment of approximately 140 units of the revamped Tesla Model 3 Highland has recently been offloaded at Ashdod Port.

Tesla Israel is already working on delivering these vehicles to customers, making Israel one of the early recipients of this updated model.

The new Model 3 represents the most significant facelift since its 2017 launch, and boasts a redesigned front and rear to enhance its aerodynamics, achieving an impressive drag coefficient of 0.22. Additionally, new rims have been introduced.

Within the passenger cabin, the traditional gear knob has been replaced with buttons on the steering wheel. A new 8-inch central screen graces the rear, offering convenient access for driving functions, climate control, and entertainment. Furthermore, double glazing has been incorporated to enhance noise isolation and front seat ventilation.

Credit: Tesla

The driving range has been enhanced: the base Model 3 SR now covers 513 km, up from the previous 491 km. The Model 3 LR version achieves an official range of 629 km per charge, compared to 602 km in the previous model. Pricing-wise, the basic SR now costs NIS 205,630, while the Long Range is priced at NIS 242,767.

The impact of the war

With the ongoing conflict, new car deliveries in Israel have largely ceased. Showroom operating hours have been reduced by car importers, with some, like Delek Motors (Mazda, Ford, and BMW), suspending their activities entirely.

Furthermore, the launches of new models, particularly electric ones, some of which are competitors to the Model 3, such as the Xpeng P7, have been postponed. It is expected that October will conclude with only a few thousand new car deliveries.

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