Deputy detonates grenades in Ukraine village council, injuring 26


A local deputy detonated grenades in a village council in Ukraine‘s Western Zakarpattia region, injuring at least 26 people, national police said on Friday.

According to a police statement on Telegram messenger, the detonation happened during the council’s session.

“26 people were injured, six of them in serious condition,” police said.

Initially, police said the deputy had died, but in a later statement added that doctors were carrying out resuscitation measures. It was not clear how many grenades were detonated, or what motives the deputy had.

Investigators inspect an office where a grenade exploded in Kiev March 11, 2009. An unidentified attacker hurled a grenade through the window of an office linked to Kiev’s main railway station, wounding seven people, Ukrainian security forces said (credit: REUTERS/KONSTANTIN CHERNICHKIN)

The availability of weapons

Accidents with explosives happen from time to time in Ukraine, which has been fighting Russia’s full-scale aggression since Feb. 2022.

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