DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak supply chain management system ready for Sweden’s export-oriented economy


Sweden can now rely on the patented FlashTrak Global Chain of Custody (CoC) information management system from DeltaTrak, a Silicon Valley-based technology innovator of cold chain and supply chain management solutions, to help keep its growing export-oriented economy strong.
FlashTrak CoC provides detailed supply chain traceability Swedish exporters and importers can use to identify all entities associated with an order, predict product quality, trace shipment information, and confirm compliance with government regulations.

“Knowing the temperature, current location, and estimated arrival time of a shipment is critical for importers and exporters in any country,” said Mats Wikström, leader of DeltaTrak’s Swedish operations. “The FlashTrak global CoC enables everyone to have full visibility and control over their supply chain.”

Sweden’s economy is heavily oriented toward foreign trade. According to publicly available data, exports from Sweden rose by 12% year-over year to approximately 170 billion SEK in February 2023 as sales increased for both European Union and non- European Union countries. This growth trend is expected to continue into 2025.

“DeltaTrak’s 30 years as an industry leader has culminated in providing solutions to help exporters avoid supply chain disruptions, prevent waste, and deliver important goods to consumers around the world,” said Fred Wu, DeltaTrak founder and CEO. “Until the creation of FlashTrak CoC, no data combined commercial and quality data into one integrated platform to reveal patterns, inefficiencies, problems, or solutions in the perishable commodity supply chain.”

FlashTrak CoC is a cloud-based platform that serves as a single repository ecosystem of information. Built on the Dapicon ecosystem, which houses data contributions from buyers, sellers, marine traffic companies, real-time temperature tracker providers, third-party logistics companies, and government agencies, FlashTrak CoC aggregates information from consortium partners to provide cohesive visibility and yield complete transparency with actionable data to help users identify all suppliers and shipments related to any order.

FlashTrak CoC Benefits

  • End-to-end product traceability using industry standard GS1 standards– from the source to the store and every movement in between
  • International shipment tracking using key identifiers like booking numbers, master bills of lading, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
  • Locating shipments on land, water, and air
  • Management and maintenance of required regulatory compliance documents
  • Automated collection of international shipping documents
  • Automated digital claims service

This critical business information is traditionally found in separate, disparate systems making it difficult, expensive and time consuming to gather and analyze all the data required to make smart distribution decisions. FlashTrack provides key insights that lead to smarter and faster decisions, helping reduce operational costs, protect product quality, and even perform precision recalls due to enhanced traceability of problem origin.

FlashTrak also addresses sustainability by continuously monitoring the status of the products in transit. In Sweden, food loss and waste results in 106 kg annually and the country’s food consumption emissions currently account for nearly 20% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Stockholm Environment Institute.

“Temperature control during the movement of perishable goods is paramount to ensure shelf life and food safety,” said Wu, who noted that pharmaceutical products face the same challenge. “FlashTrak CoC is the only patented ecosystem platform available in Sweden that integrates both the IoT quality data of the product and the transactional commercial data to provide full supply chain traceability of where and what is the condition of your cargo in real time.”

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