Dana International to LGBT world: If you go to Gaza, Hamas will kill you


Dana International, Israel’s iconic 1998 Eurovision winner, has used her platform to deliver a powerful message. In an Instagram post, she called upon the LGBTQ community worldwide to denounce the rule of Hamas rather than Israel.

Addressing her fellow members of the global LGBTQ community, Dana International conveyed her love and support. She began by acknowledging the community’s long-standing struggle for equality, freedom, and the fundamental right to love. Her heartfelt message emphasized the need for information, stating, “I love you all and I’m sure your intentions are good, so I would like to assume that you simply lack of information: THIS IS YOUR ‘FREEDOM FIGHTERS’ & THIS IS WHAT YOU SUPPORT. This is their values and this is what they stand for (and proudly).”

In addition to her words, Dana International shared a video of a sermon attacking LGBTQ individuals, along with photos and videos from Tel Aviv’s vibrant Gay Pride Parade.

She went on to highlight the dire situation in Gaza, where she warned, “Are you aware that if you accidentally end up on the streets of Gaza, you won’t get out of there alive? Do you know that Hamas sentences every LGBTQ to death by hanging (if not worse)? Do you understand that Hamas doesn’t support any rights for women and the LGBTQ community and that they are not treated as equals?”

Look beyond the propaganda to Hamas’s true anti-LGBTQ values

She urged her audience to see beyond simplistic trends and delve into the complexity of the situation. “Things are far more complex than reciting some trend that sounds right to you,” she explained. “I ask you to open your eyes and hearts, and to see the truth, to see beyond any propaganda or a one-sided narrative as they shown on social media. Choose to see the side who sees you. Who shares the same values as you.”

Dana International concluded with an invitation: “You are always welcome to the Tel Aviv gay pride that will accept you with open arms. And the next time you come to our colorful, diverse, open & inclusive Tel Aviv that holds a variety of different cultures and communities- Just say you’re sorry.”

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