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Bosch, a global leader in automotive technology, has unveiled an innovative solution for hybrid vehicle owners, particularly those driving select Toyota and Lexus models. With the introduction of the high-voltage NiMH battery repair set, Bosch is providing a cost-effective and reliable remedy for hybrid battery issues.

While replacing individual faulty or worn modules in hybrid batteries has been a common practice, it comes with the inherent risk of potential future breakdowns. Bosch’s high-voltage battery repair set replaces all the nickel-metal hydride modules within the traction battery, leaving the battery system’s remaining components, including housing, blower, and electronics, intact.

One of the standout features of this repair set is the assurance it offers to vehicle owners. Bosch provides a comprehensive five-year warranty, and the repair set has undergone rigorous testing and secured a general operating license from the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Bosch’s high-voltage battery repair set will be initially available in Germany starting in the fall of 2023, with compatibility for the Toyota Prius III, the Toyota Yaris, and the Lexus CT 200h.

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