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VIM & VIGR is a woman-owned compression socks brand and in 2023, it marked its tenth anniversary with significant achievements and growth in the compression sock market. Founded in 2013 by Michelle Huie, the brand initially started with a single style of compression socks and has since expanded its product line to include dozens of styles, three compression levels, and four custom fabric blends, reaching over 1,300 retailers worldwide.

The notable success of VIM & VIGR in 2023 is highlighted by its record-breaking year, with revenue doubling from 2021. The year-over-year top-line revenue growth of almost 60% and bottom-line growth exceeding 200% underscore the brand’s financial success while maintaining a commitment to high quality and style.

The compression socks brand’s approach to compression wear is distinctive, combining style with the scientifically proven benefits of compression. The incorporation of fashionable designs, happy colors, and custom fabric blends sets the brand apart, making compression wear more appealing and versatile. The unisex styles are engineered to maintain compression levels throughout the day, ensuring comfort and usability for various activities such as travel, athletics, work, pregnancy, and addressing chronic illnesses.

Image Credit: VIM & VIGR

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