Commission is calling for experts to advise on the implementation of the emissions trading system for buildings, road transport and additional sectors (ETS2)


The European Commission launched a call for applications with a view to selecting organisations to be appointed as additional members for the ETS2 implementation of the Commission expert group on climate change policy. The call for applications will remain open until 2 May 2023.

The expert group already has a formation for the ETS2 implementation, which is currently composed of representatives of Member States’ and EEA-EFTA States’ authorities. With the additional appointments, the group aims to get a comprehensive view of all the stakeholders in the ETS2 area and benefit from their sectoral knowledge. The discussions with the newly selected members are expected to improve the overall implementation of the ETS2.

The Commission is looking for applications from organisations such as:

• associations representing the industries, sectors and solution providers in the area of ETS2;

• non-Governmental Organisations, universities and research institutes with expertise on the industries and sectors in the area of ETS2.

The selection will be based on the organisation’s representativeness at EU level, the relevance of the ETS2 implementation for the organisations, and the level of competence and experience. The results will be announced in May 2023. 

The selected experts will meet according to the need of the ETS2 implementation process, either virtually (e.g. Webex) or in person, and will start working in May/June 2023. 

The group will support the Commission in the preparation of the secondary legislation relating to ETS2 to be adopted under the ETS directive. It will deal with topics such as monitoring and reporting, accreditation and verification, double counting with existing ETS and any additional guidance documents needed. The formation will also exchange views on additional issues relating to ETS2 implementation.


The ETS Directive has been amended to include emissions from buildings, road transport and additional sectors not covered in the current ETS into a new ETS (ETS2), to drive emission reductions and contribute to the increased climate objectives of the Union. This will be a separate but adjacent emissions trading system.

The ETS2 will be an upstream system. Under this set-up, the distributors of fuels (and not the end-consumer of fuels) of the building, road transport and additional industry sectors not covered in the current ETS have been identified as the relevant regulated entities. These are usually the same entities as those who are liable to pay the excise duty on energy, in many cases tax warehouses. They should surrender allowances for the first time in 2028 for their verified emissions of 2027.

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